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to continue to provide tax cuts for businesses like yours. but you don't see it coming? >> you know, what we've seen is the family owned business president obama has been clear on his views of the estate tax. we think one of the greatest things on the economy is allowing family owned businesses to remain family owned. impediments to that is an estate tax to backwards it forces family-owned businesses whether family farms or business like white castle to reconsider their structures in terms of how they can continue to be prosperus and give back to team members. we know it's something we call patient capitol to do the right thing by the team members and people because they're investing in the future, when you put a state tax into the mix that is not just policy for allowing family businesses to continue to grow. >> coming up where is maiga storm sandy headed next? >>> monster storm sandy, what is the latest, rick? >> last couple images here on the radar you can see that they just begin to fade off just a little bit. less precipitation falling is good news after this rough stretch we're going t
back to the feds. at 3%. we're actually transferring our tax money right in to the hands of the banks. no risk. that is why -- this is a no risk trade for them. it would create risk. >> bob: can you go over that one more time? >> eric: when they don't loan to these down here there are no jobs created tablas is no demand for product. >> greg: i crew the car. >> eric: that's greg's dra drawing. >> dana: one time i said on the show and greg made fun of me that i'm never star-struck. not just country music stars. republicans don't have a chance to be star-struck, no stars like us. however, last night two things happened. one, take a look at this. for the first time ever, that is meatloaf. he endorsed mitt romney openly and enthusiastically. having meetloaf on your side is good. paul ryan, great moment of sincerity, he pulls up and sees nascar star richard petty and he's star struck. i can't believe you're here. what i loved about that, it was not fake. he actually knew who he was. which was great. that was fun. >> andrea: i want meatloaf to sing i'll do anything but i won't do that, meani
higher. the negative advertisements to paint him as a felon, bully and tax evade dor haven't worked. >> bob: his momentum stopped last week. >> andrea: how do you see that? early voting -- >> bob: wait. early voting -- >> andrea: significantly gone in his favor. don't give me that. early voting was so prominent for president obama. and liberals took the network touting it in 2008. >> bob: we'll talk about this after tuesday. >> eric: one more number came out today, unemployment, disturbing. among blacks 14.3%. jumped again. >> dana: the closing argument -- >> eric: very funny. >> dana: sorry. hel >> eric: they are telling us that cbs is announcing that the new york city marathon is officially -- >> dana: i was just going to say that. we're done. several developments on the libya terror attack. don't forget our special show on sunday. campaign race toward finish line. we'll be here. all five of us. hope you will be, too. bye. ♪ ♪ ♪ fare thee well ♪ farewell ♪ mr. gloom be on your way ♪ ♪ though you haven't any money you can still be bright and sunny ♪ ♪ sing polly w
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)